Marcel Scherpenzeel Guitar/Vocals

The Marcel Scherpenzeel Band

Founded in 1997 the band recorded 4 albums :

MSB  -You Haven't Seen A Thing (1997)

MSB  -Guitar And Soul  (1999)

MSB  - Live   (1999)

MSB  -Dark Hills Are Calling  (2001)

In 2008 Marcel starts his new band "WOLFPIN" they made one album : 

Wolfpin  -Remember   (2009)

In 2007 Marcel got a call to play with the original band members of Rory Gallagher

with Gerry McAvoy -Bass and Brendan O'Neill -Drums and later with Ted Mckenna on the Drums


They recorded 3 albums :

BOF   -Too Much Is Not Enough (2013)

BOF   -Live And Kickin' (2016)

BOF   -Repeat After Me (2017)

Marcel Left Band of Friends 02/02/2020

Damian de Weerd  -Drums

Damian starts when he was 4 years old on a ludwig drumkit 

In 2014 Damian was on national tv program "superkids"and went to the finals.

In 2017 Damian won the drumtalent award big time.

Damian won a Adams 8000 drumkit he is still playing it

Bobby Jacobs - Bass

Bobby`s first known band "VAN LEER" rockpop band (1990) and in (1996)

Bobby got on tour in germany with the band "THE URN" and after 2 years

in (1998) Bobby played in "THE BLUES SUMMIT" with Elco Gelling, John Legrand, Nicko Christiansen

From (1999-2000) Bobby was on tour in italy with the musical 'HAIR" with the usa cast

From (2001-2016) Bobby played with the band Focus in the whole world

with Thijs van Leer , Pierre van der Linden, Menno Gootjes 

Bobby got a lot of projects out there these days and one of them is "MSB"